If you are a Higher Education Institution, two of the Intellectual Outputs of the UniSafe Project are dedicated to you.

IO1 – Self-assessment tool on safety and security

Is a questionnaire on several topics such as crisis communication management, health issues, travel issues, cultural awareness, which is meant to be a flexible tool that can be used as a useful baseline to assess performance and prioritise “next steps” within the HEI, to support data-informed decisions making and to compare performance across time.

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IO2 – Open Courses on security protocols for universities

This is an online course open to academic and administrative staff and aimed to offer a full and comprehensive training on the crucial issues addressed by the UNISAFE project, such as the role of the international office, the importance of risk assessment and crisis communication, how to include travel issues and health issues in the management of international students mobility, how to create a university policy to deal with emergencies.
The IO2 is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.